4 Ways to Get MORE Out of Your Events


By: Alex Westlund

Often times it can be difficult to pull off a successful fundraising event. Producing a fundraising event can take significant time, money and effort. It is important for your nonprofit to reap benefits from these events as they are such a large investment. Network for Good outlines 4 things to keep in mind when planning your next fundraising event, read below for more information!

1. Digital communication is your friend

Using all available digital communication tools will help make sure that not only your event is being promoted, but also your brand. Aside from using digital communications to promote, you can also use online fundraising tools to help manage your event. Peer to peer fundraising campaigns are a great way to integrate brand awareness, fundraising and online communications for events!

2. Captivate your audience

Events provide a unique experience of meeting your organization’s donors face to face. Captivate your audience by asking for their feedback and find more opportunities for your attendees to get further involved with your organization.

3. Strategically plan your events

Making your event a part of a larger campaign helps reinforce stronger brand awareness for your organization and your mission. Integrating your event into a larger campaign also helps extend the life of your event.

4. Follow up with attendees

Making sure to follow up with those who attend your event is very important in turning those attendees into continuous donors. Communicate with them regularly to update them on what is going on with your organization and how their gifts have made an impact.

Keeping these tips in mind will help your organization maximize the impact of each event that your organization produces. Maximizing opportunities before, during and after an event will help to make sure that your organization has good relations with donors, but also that your event is worth the investment!

Alex Westlund is currently a senior at the University of Iowa, majoring in Entrepreneurial Management. She is also pursuing certificates in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising & Philanthropy. Alex is excited to begin pursuing a career in Higher Education Fundraising at the University of Iowa Foundation following graduation in May 2016.


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