Starting Your Journey on Social Media

For a first time user social media can seem a little overwhelming, especially if you are using social media to make a name for your nonprofit on the web. According to Nonprofit marketing guide, it is important for you as a person to explore the world of social media as a person before creating a presence for your nonprofit. This means taking the time to explore how others interact through social media. There is always a starting point, and an ending goal when using social media to market your nonprofit. By following just a few steps your nonprofit can establish a presence on the web in no time.

nonprofit start.png

Start Here:

  • Make sure you are using the right kind of social media platform. Each social media platform has specific features that can benefit different individuals. For example, Facebook and Pinterest both have features such as analytics that benefit nonprofits.
  • Give people a reason to follow or like your profile, this can easily be done by filling out your profile with interesting information about your organization.

Then Try:

  • Engaging yourself in relevant conversations. This can easily be done by posting and commenting on other people content.
  • Make it a point to promote your organizations presence. This can be done by using sharing buttons on your social media accounts, or even learning how to tag others into a post. By tagging others you are directly grabbing their attention.

Last Step:

  • Create a social media strategy. By creating a social media strategy, you are allowing yourself to make a plan on what your organization needs to accomplish in order to achieve your end goal.
  • By trying out different apps, you are allowing yourself to explore which social media outlet works best for your specific organization.

Allowing yourself to get familiar with a network can overall benefit your organization in the end. Social media just like any other task takes time to master, and by following these steps you can become that master you want to be.


Angelene Petrarca is a junior at The University of Iowa, where she is double majoring in journalism and sports studies. She is a sports fanatic that hopes to one day be on your television screens covering the latest sporting event from the sidelines.



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