10 Tips to Make Sure Your Small Nonprofit Excels at Social Media

Some may think that small nonprofits are at a disadvantage when it comes to running their social media.  Although they do have to work harder, it doesn’t mean that they can’t produce the same quality of posts that large nonprofits achieve.  In order to keep up, here are 10 tips to excel.

  1. Blog or publish a story on your website at least twice a month
    • Write stories about the positive impact your nonprofit is making so you have a good story to share with your followers on social media, in email and in your news letter.
  2. Have your e-newsletter prominently feature calls to follow
    • Include icons for all of the social media you are on and ASK people to follow you
  3. Integrate calls to follow into your online giving process
    • Add your calls to follow on your thank you landing page and thank you email that donors see after contributing to the cause
  4. Be active on two social media sites and be exploring a third
    • Small nonprofits should at least be on Facebook and Twitter. Post on Facebook twice weekly and Twitter once a day.  The third social media should be something up and coming and reaches a new target audience such as Snapchat or Instagram.
  5. Don’t automate Facebook posts to Twitter
    • It may be tempting to automate posts in order to save time but you’re more likely to be ignored
  6. Regularly create promotional graphics for events and fundraising campaigns
    • Even large nonprofits struggle with this. Using tools like Canva can help you to create original graphics.
  7. Use the same profile picture consistently across all social medias
    • Make sure it’s visually compelling, simple, no text is used and that you are using it on all social networks
  8. Claim your LinkedIn profile and post twice a month
    • Search, claim, set up and the post a minimum of twice monthly to keep it current.  Often engagement is higher on LinkedIn than Facebook Pages.
  9. Have your nonprofit’s social media pages ready to accept digital payments
    • Digital payments are coming to social networks so get ready.  Examples include: Google for Nonprofits, Twitter $Cashtags and Facebook Donations
  10. Keep your social media plan in writing
    • Writing a comprehensive social media fundraising plan is an essential first step in being successful on social media.  Write a plan that can be easily revised on an annual basis that will move your nonprofit forward.


10 Signs Your Small Nonprofit Excels at Social Media



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