Reaching the Youth

By: Nikko Ebbole

A key to having a successful nonprofit organization is being able to reach out to all different demographics. Part of that means being able to connect with the millennial generation, and attract them to get involved either via volunteering or donating. According to this article by the Nonprofit Times, 84% of millennial employees made a donation last year. According to this article by the Washington Post 70% of millenials volunteered at least one hour last year as well. The numbers speak for themselves that millenials are a major key to nonprofit success, but how should your organization go about attracting them?

Get Digital

The millennial generation is extremely active on all different types of social media. This means when your organization is hosting an event or looking for donations you should not neglect the use of social media. This is a very efficient way to get the word out about your cause, and interest this younger generation. If you do not have the time or man-power to be on many different social media outlets just pick one or two and make sure to focus in on those. Social media is an important tool when it comes to reaching out to the youth.

Get Them To Spread The Word

Millenials are extremely influenced by their peers more than anything else. They have shown to have a lack of trust in authority figures as a whole. What this means for your organization is you need to channel this and use it to your benefit. Encourage younger donors and volunteers to spread the word about your cause to their friends. This will make more people want to get involved if they can see that someone they know also was involved. Also hiring a college intern could also aid this cause. Having someone who knows how to speak to millenials is key and who knows millennials better than a millennial.

Make Things Fun

We have all seen the success of campaigns such as Dance Marathon and The Ice Bucket Challenge. These campaigns are highly success and pretty much directly target the youth. They do so by being fun and interactive, raising money for an event your excited and passionate about is much likely then just getting someone to click a donate now button. The Ice Bucket Challenge was so successful because of how quickly it went viral. The challenge and event was appealing to millennials and gave them something fun they could post on social media, while still doing some good. No one ever said donating couldn’t be fun



Nikko Ebbole is a junior at the Universiy of Iowa. He is currently double majoring in Ethics and Public Policy as well as Journalism and Mass Communications. He hopes to attend law school after graduating from the University of Iowa next summer.


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