How to Deal with Not Being a Superhero


So… you’ve finally realized that you aren’t super human. It’s ok. I don’t think anyone I know is.

We all run into stress sometime or another in our jobs. However, working in a non-profit can often feel like you’re about to “hulk out.” Non-profit employees have to deal with little to no resources, sometimes holding multiple titles and all while biting their tongue in defiance.

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to stop biting your tongue. When it comes to a non-profit, you can begin to be stressed out by your daily tasks. You’re work will not be better if you can’t give it your all. Here are some tips to handle the stress in your work place.

Society for Non-Profits says:

Harmful stress most often results from three things

(1) jobs that demand a great deal while allowing employees little control

(2) work environments that are unsafe or uncomfortable

(3) organizational practices that exclude employee participation and input

Here’s how you’re going to deal with them

1.Delegate and Reevaluate

Reevaluate the work load that you have given out and help your staff prioritize. Make sure to clearly state what it is you need to have done and by when so they have deadlines that they can more easily work around. Emphasize that they can and should delegate tasks to others who can handel the load .

2. Make Work Positive and Fun

I’m not saying you have to conjure up real magic but you have to mix it up a bit. Try throwing a surprise or redecorating the office. Bring people together to ask them what ideas they have to make the workplace more fun and inviting. Who knows better about what they want than your own employees?

3. Have a Free for All Day

One company hosts a day that where they give the company free food and drinks and let the employees bring ideas for the company to them. This day continuously generates groundbreaking ideas for the company. You don’t have to cash out big but some of these companies are boosting their employees moral’s through the roof.

Take a deep breath. Drink a tall glass of water. Give yourself a break if you need it. You can’t save the world if you’re killed by the supervillain.

Arlinda Fasliu is a student at the University of Iowa that loves to write poetry and read news articles. She hopes to one day visit over 50 countries and change 1,000 lives. I guess you can say she’s a big dreamer. 




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