3 Ways to Adjust Your Attitude Toward Major Gift Asks

By Kate Huber

While making major gift asks can be both exciting and nerve wracking, it’s vital to have the proper attitude before meeting with a major donor. Having the proper attitude adjustment could be the difference for maximum success. Iris Sutcliffe from Network for Good shares great ways to reframe fundraising to get everyone’s head in the game for major gift asks.

  1. Major gifts are an investment in time and relationships.

Hearing “yes” from a major donor does not occur without a relationship foundation. Major gift asks require building relationships first and money second. It’s vital to view the time spent on these built relationships as an investment within themselves. The more time you invest in your donors, the more money they’ll give to your cause. what_we_do-content_design-major_gift-icon

  1. Fundraising doesn’t equal “selling.”

Major donors can often be turned away from fundraising because they view an ask simply as a sales pitch. While some major gift asks may appear as “selling” your cause to a donor, it’s always important to remember that a major gift isn’t actually about money. Major gift asks are about welcoming a generous supporter of your cause into your organization, making them an engaged insider who can witness your organization’s mission in action.


  1. Your personal attitudes about money make a difference.

While many fundraiser feel major donors are those with the most money, this isn’t always true. The truth is your major gift prospects are the people who are passionate about your organization’s cause. Similar to your $10 donors, these major gift donors want to make a difference in the world and support your nonprofit because they feel your mission is capable of making that change. The only difference between these major gift donors and your low-dollar donors is their greater capacity for support.

Kate Huber is currently a junior at the University of Iowa pursuing in degree in Communication Studies, a minor in Human Relations and a certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication. Kate is an avid sports fan, lover of reading and peanut butter enthusiast.


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