Tips for a Better Nonprofit Email Newsletters


The dreaded e-mail newsletter. Though you may take the time to carefully create them, send them at an appropriate time, and tailor them to your audience, they can still be ignored. Here are some tips to ensure that you’re creating the best, most interactive email newsletter you can for your nonprofit.


Make it Personal

In your articles, include the words “we” and “us”. Make reading the articles conversational, and if that’s not possible, include pictures of the volunteers, staff, and donors, to make people feel more involved in your newsletter.


Have a Clear “Next Step” and Make it Easy

After your supporters read your newsletter, what’s next? Make sure if you have a call to action, it is simple and clear and focuses on one thing. For example, if your goal is to get them to donate, include a call to action as simple as “we need your support, donate here to help___” that way, the goal of your newsletter is clear and simple.


Make Them Read More

Include hyperlinks to your website, blog, and donation page, that will draw the reader outside of just the newsletter sitting in their email, and open them up to your full cause.


Appeal to the “Skimmers”

Use plenty of different subject heads, bylines, sub headings, and short, easy to read paragraphs. If someone is taking time out of their day to catch up with your organization, you want to use their time efficiently.


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