Get With the Times – Simplify Your Website

In which of these four stages is your nonprofit’s website? It may be time to look forward…


Stage 1: We have a web page!

At first nonprofits were excited to have a website and it was just one or two pages.

Stage 2: “Text is King” model

Around 2001 nonprofits started shifting to this model and filled their pages with content. By today’s standards, these sites look overwhelming and cluttered.

Stage 3: “Feature image and sidebar”

Around 2004, nonprofit websites started to look cleaner with a featured image or slideshow front and center, and a sidebar. This trend has lasted a really long time and many organizations continue to use this design.

Stage 4: “Mobile first”

By stripping down text, using bold images, adding white space, and creating blocks for content, your website will move into the final stage and be adaptable for mobile use. Very soon, “feature image and sidebar” websites will look out of date to most users. Aesthetics aren’t the only issue, though. In mobile searches, Google now prioritizes websites that are mobile optimized, so your website may be getting buried under mobile-optimized sites for the growing number of mobile users.

Original article:
Taylor Parks is a senior at the University of Iowa going for her bachelor’s in Psychology as well as certificates in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication. She looks forward to someday running a nonprofit in the environmental/animal world.

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