4 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Snapchat

By: Alex Westlund

Snapchat is an up and coming social media tool that several millennials are currently using. With Snapchat’s increasing popularity, it seems inevitable that this social media tool will be utilized by more and more people. Snapchat has made significant efforts to make their platform efficient for organizations to use as a marketing tool. Nonprofit Tech for Good has put together some great tips for nonprofits who are just starting out with Snapchat. Read below to find out more!


1. Download Snapchat & Claim Your Username

Snapchat must be used on a mobile device. Using that mobile device sign up for Snapchat by downloading the app and creating a username. Like any other social media platforms, your username should be as close to your organization name as possible. Even if you do not see your organization utilizing Snapchat in the near future, claiming your username as early as possible is important.

2. Using Snapchat Terminology- Snaps, Filters, My Story

Like any social media platform, there is different terminology that comes along with Snapchat. It is important to ensure that your organization properly understands and is using this terminology correctly. A photo that your account sends or receives is called a Snap. Additionally, filters and locations can be added to each snap before it is sent. Another feature of Snapchat is called a My Story. A My Story can be viewed an unlimited number of times for 24 hours. It is a great way to promote events and other short-term happenings within your organization.

3. Promoting Your Snapchat Account

Snapchat has several different widgets that can be embedded into emails and webpages. Aside from a typical ‘follow’ widget that most social media platforms are able to provide organizations for promotion reasons, Snapchat has a unique ‘Snapcode’ that can be embedded anywhere. Snapchat generates what is similar to a QR Code for your specific Snapchat account. Users can scan this code and automatically add your account.

4. Fundraising Tips for Snapchat

Snapchat recently added a monetary feature to their application. Using ‘Snapcash’ users can send money over Snapchat. With Youtube and Facebook implementing online giving within their platforms, it is only a matter of time before Snapcash is used as a fundraising tool. Becoming familiar with out it works early will be beneficial for your organization.

Snapchat is a social media tool that is heavily on the rise. Knowing the ins and outs as early as possible will help give your organization an edge and help reach a wider audience base by engaging millennials.

Alex Westlund is currently a senior at the University of Iowa, majoring in Entrepreneurial Management. She is also pursuing certificates in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising & Philanthropy. Alex is excited to begin pursuing a career in Higher Education Fundraising at the University of Iowa Foundation following graduation in May 2016.


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