4 Steps to Create a Social Media Fundraising Strategy for Nonprofits

Strategy is essential in being successful on social media. Nonprofits do what they can on social media but often don’t utilize it in the right ways. Defining goals and priorities help to focus social media staff. A strategic plan should always be short and simple and keep it flexible because social media is always changing. Here’s a 4 step process for developing a strategic plan that can easily be changed as your nonprofit moves forward and things change.

Step 1: Start with an Online Communications and Fundraising Audit

  • This is a review of all of the nonprofits online communication and fundraising systems.
  • The audit doesn’t need to be too detailed as long as it can give you an understanding of what needs to be upgraded first and what can be put to the side.
  • Create a document that lists the pluses and minuses of the online communications and fundraising systems
  • DON’T get overwhelmed! As long as you’re organized you can make progress!

Step 2: Write the Social Media Fundraising Strategic Plan

  • After creating your audits and gaining a better understanding put aside 4 to 6 weeks to write the plan
  • Create your budget
  • Create a system for tracking and reporting success

 Step 3: Create a Budget

  • Create a social media fundraising budget that matches prioritized items in the strategic plan
  • The budget won’t be exact and that’s not a big deal— do your best to estimate
  • Make the budget in an Excel document

 Step 4: Crate a System to Track, Evaluate and Report Success

  • Get organized and be prepared to have meetings often to report success
  • Success is defined by achieving goals and action items listed in the strategic plan
  • There WILL be success as long as goals listed were achievable
  • To show success, you will need to have access to your blog traffic, e-newsletter, online fundraising totals and event attendee totals

Social media involves math and thus social media fundraising does too. Provided you use different platforms of communication and fundraising strategies your numbers in social media fundraising will grow month-to-month and beyond.

How to Write a Social Media Fundraising Strategy for Your Nonprofit



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