Motivate Potenital Donors through the Power of Language

When soliciting your donors its important to not just ask them to give, but to motivate them to give. In his article posted March 29th, on Philanthropy News Digest, Derrick Feldman explains to his readers how to motivate you donors stop what they’re doing and give to your organization. through the power of language.

Feldman writes that the solicitation is “your opportunity to motivate potential donors to make a difference, and that it’s their opportunity to do something to contribute to a cause they believe in.” During the solicitation you must move your potential donors from feelings of indifference to needing to take action.  You can do this by carefully choosing your words to make your donors feel moved, motivated, and ready to make a donation.

Using the phrase “Opportunity to….” during your ask makes it clear that your potential donor has a real chance to do something meaningful all while using uplifting and inspiring language. jupiter_opportunity_knocks

“Here’s your chance…” grabs your potential donors attention while also providing a sense of urgency to your ask.

Paying closer attention to the choice of words you use when soliciting potential donors will make a world of difference to how they percieve you and your organization. Remember to use language that resonates with your audience when creating your next solicitation.

Samone Coleman is a junior at the University of Iowa pursuing a degree in Sociology as well as certificates in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communications, Human Rights, and Critical Cultural Competence.  She hopes to one day work as Field Organizer for Amnesty International.  

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