Make your small nonprofit BIG on social media

Social Media

Being that small nonprofits are generally less known than larger nonprofits, they have to work harder at growing on social media. Although social media is more difficult for smaller non-profits, it is still very possible for them to flourish on social media with the proper techniques and check ups. Nonprofit Tech for Good provides small nonprofits with 10 Signs Your Small Nonprofit is Excelling at Social Media:

  1. Your nonprofit blogs or publishes a story on your website at least twice monthly.
  2. Your e-newsletter has prominently featured calls-to-follow on social media.
  3. Calls-to-follow are integrated into your online giving process.
  4. Your nonprofit is active on at least 2 social networks and is experimenting with a 3rd.
  5. Your nonprofit does not automate Facebook posts to twitter.(As tempting as this time-saving practice is, research shows twitterers frown upon this practice).
  6. Your nonprofit regularly creates promotional graphics for events and fundraising campaigns.
  7.  Your nonprofit has a visually compelling avatar that is used consistently on all social networks.
  8. Your nonprofit has claimed your LinkedIn Company Page and you post a minimum of twice monthly.
  9.  Your nonprofit is ready for digital payments inside social networks.
  10. Your nonprofit has a social media fundraising plan in writing

Making these conscious efforts with your social media will do big things for your small non-profit. To learn more about excelling on social media, click here! Thanks for reading!

Samantha Jourdan is a junior at the University of Iowa majoring in Communication Studies, minoring in Human Relations, and working towards certificates in Fundraising & Philanthropy Communication and Event Planning. She is very passionate about charitable efforts, public service, and the non-profit world in general. 



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