The Art of Online Donations

Getting donations is not always easy for a nonprofit. Though online donations do make raising money easier, there is more to this art. Online donations are a quick and easy way for a potential donor to give to an organization, however making your donations page is just the beginning to your success. According to Nonprofit Hub, by following 4 keys steps your online donations are more than likely to increase. donations

4 Key Steps

1. Accepting Donations

In order to begin collecting donations it is important to make sure you pick an easy platform and website for your audience to navigate. By making the website easy to use it will help make the process of online donating quick and easy for your donors.

2. Improve Your Site

Your web design has a large impact on how your potential donors view your nonprofit. If your website is unorganized and cluttered, it could potentially make your audience believe you are not  worth their time or money. By keeping your website simple and organized your donors will have an easier time donating and taking your organization seriously.

 3. Give Donors What They Want

By showing potential donors what they want to see, they will have a clear understanding and appreciation for your organization. It is important to make your goals and objectives clear s that potential donors can determine whether they agree with your cause. This information should be easy for your audience to find, so that it is easier for them to make their decision.

4. Create a Good Campaign

By incorporating all 3 steps from above into one campaign, your chances of increasing your online donations are high. It is important to make sure you test your website often to ensure that there are no errors or glitches. Lastly make sure you clarify that each donation you receive will be put towards making a difference. By ensuring your audience that their money will be used towards something specific can help give them more of a reason to donate.

By following these four steps your donations will increase in no time. Creating a solid online campaign is the key to a successful nonprofit.



Angelene Petrarca is a junior at The University of Iowa, where she is double majoring in journalism and sports studies. She is a sports fanatic that hopes to one day be on your television screens covering the latest sporting event from the sidelines.


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