Reality TV Star’s Chairty Raises Some but Spends Little

The Real Housewives of Potomac star Katie Rost started the Ronald F. Rost Foundation over a decade ago.  The goal is to support recreational opportunities for low-income children.  On the show, which takes place outside Washington DC, she describes the foundations as “my legacy and my calling”.

According to public records, the foundation has received $32,000 total in donations from Rost’s mother, an insurance executive, but has given out less than $3,000 since 2006.

CharityWatch, a nonprofit charity watchdog that helps donors make informed decisions, says that besides is publicity value the charity is in fact just wasting money.  This was decided after President Daniel Brochochoff reviewed the foundation’s tax filings.

Rost says that right now it’s a small family foundation but will be getting things moving after her twin daughters turn 3 in July.  She will then have more time to focus on fundraising efforts.

If you don’t want to end up donating hard earned money to a charity that may not be doing right by you, check out CharityWatch.  They perform in-depth evaluations of complex charity financial reporting, including audited financial statements, tax forms, annual reports, state filings, and other documents.

Make sure what you’re giving counts!


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