7 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Excel in Social Media


By: Alex Westlund

Maintaining your social media can be a particularly hard task, especially if your nonprofit is a smaller organization. With a smaller staff, smaller nonprofits face a more difficult task when keeping up to date with social media. It can be difficult to not only focus on upkeep, but also to ensure that your organization is successfully utilizing social media tools. Nonprofit Tech for Good has outlined specific ways that smaller nonprofits can measure success in social media. Continue reading to find out more!


1. Consistent Publishing

Storytelling is a very important aspect of social media use for nonprofit organizations. Storytelling enables an organization to share the impact of their organization with their donors, clientele, potential clients, and volunteers. Stories should be published regularly on a form of digital communication at least twice monthly. Not only is the story itself of importance, it is also important how the story is visually presented. Be sure to keep the visual aspects in mind when publishing to your social media tool of choice.

2. Well-integrated calls to follow

It is important that your organization has integrated different forms of digital communication throughout their online communication. Your organization should ensure that calls-to-follow other forms of social media are integrated throughout multiple pages of the website, with each newsletter, and in any aspects of online fundraising. Examples of ways to integrate calls-to-follow throughout online fundraising would include social media links throughout the online giving pages, and also in any stewardship communications that are sent to the donor.

3. Maintaining activity on two social networks

Today, most organizations are expected to have an active Facebook page. This means posting a minimum of twice a week. A common second form of social media would be Twitter. Organizations utilizing Twitter should be tweeting or retweeting at least once daily. Once your organization is consistently maintaining this activity, it can begin experimenting with a third form of social media.

4. Use of compelling graphics

It is important that your organization is able to use graphics that are compelling for viewers. These graphics include a consistent brand featured throughout social networks, as well as any graphics that are regularly created for fundraising campaigns and events.

5. Utilization and Maintenance of LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is a great place for your organization to connect with volunteers, employees, and potential volunteers and employees. Ensure that your organization has claimed your company page on LinkedIn and try to maintain that page by posting a minimum of twice weekly.

6. Simplified Ways to Give

Online giving is nearly a necessity for nonprofit organizations in today’s society. Not only is it necessary to be sure that online giving is an option through your organization’s website, but organization’s are also turning to social media to give online. Facebook and Youtube recently launched a new tool that enables users to give directly through that particular social media forum.

7. Create a Social Media Fundraising Plan

Because social media is such an important part of today’s society and strongly shapes how nonprofit organization fundraise, it is important that your organization creates a fundraising plan specific to social media. Nonprofit Tech for Good has also created a guide for writing a strategic plan to assist your organization in writing a plan. This can be found here.

Social Media has proved to be an extremely important aspect of communications with any organization’s followers. Social Media is a great tool for your organization to use if used properly. These tips will help create a strong base for your social media communications and create a meaningful interactions with clients, potential clients, volunteers and donors.

Alex Westlund is currently a senior at the University of Iowa, majoring in Entrepreneurial Management. She is also pursuing certificates in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising & Philanthropy. Alex is excited to begin pursuing a career in Higher Education Fundraising at the University of Iowa Foundation following graduation in May 2016.


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