4 Ways to Motivate Story Collection

Nonprofits need great stories, but finding them can be a challenge. Here are four ways to put story collection at the front of everyone’s mind in your organization.

1. Ask for help.

Acknowledge that you can’t do it alone and create a story team. Help your colleagues through the process of finding and developing stories, and be sure to thank them!atelier-storytelling-mobile

2. Show what a good story looks like

Don’t assume your colleagues know what a good story looks like! Make it easy for them to recognize a good story by sharing an example of one from your organization, discussing how it was developed, and showing how it added value to a campaign.

3. Identify the stories you need right now

Discuss the goals of your organization right now and identify the kinds of stories that will be the most helpful in meeting them. Stories should highlight what’s unique about your organization’s programs and why donors should give to you.

4. Share good stories and results

During story team meetings, invite participants to share story ideas they’ve gathered since the last meeting. Build discussion around the stories that have the greatest potential to strengthen your campaign and explain why. Share successes during these meetings as well!

Sharing great stories sparks emotion, connection, and action. Recognize that you can’t develop these stories alone and build a team around the task. Follow these four steps to strengthen your next campaign!

Original article: http://www.networkforgood.com/nonprofitblog/4-ways-to-motivate-story-collection-at-your-organization/
Taylor Parks is a senior at the University of Iowa going for her bachelor’s in Psychology as well as certificates in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication. She looks forward to someday running a nonprofit in the environmental/animal world.

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