How To Transform An Event Attendee Into A Donor & Keep Current Donors

By Brittany Stinocher

Every event held by a nonprofit organization is an opportunity to further relationships. During this time, one can build relationships with new event goers to get them involved with the organization or advance existing relationships with people who are already involved with the organization.

According to networkforgood, there are seven steps that will transform an event attendee into a donor or keep current donors.

Step One: Build Follow Up Into Your Event Timeline

Before the event even occurs, allocate time to generate a thank you card, note, or voice message to attendees. An event follow up thank you note not only thanks the individual for coming, but also reminds them what the event was about and why it was held.

Step Two: Gather Information & Feedback

One reason to hold an event is to gather information. To gather information, one can focus on cultivating top prospects at the event, speak with individuals to see what they learned at the event, and survey attendees.

gatheringenrollmentdataStep Three: Say Thank You

After having created the thank you email, card, or voice message, make sure to send the thank you. One needs to make sure they thank all parties involved such as: attendees, volunteers, sponsors, and vendors.

Step Four: Share Event Results

After previously promoting an event, one should showcase the results. When individuals are visibility able to see results, they will be more likely to participate in the event again.

 Step Five: Remind Donors They Were There

People like one to show them that one knows them. A way to remind donors they were there is to have a volunteer send them a personal note thanking them for attending the event while also asking them to get involved with the annual campaign.

imagesStep Six: Ask Donors To Get Involved With The Organization In Other Ways

One can receive more engagement from donors by asking them to subscribe to ones blog, share event information with friends, follow the organization on Instagram, sign a pledge, watch a new video on YouTube, or become a volunteer.

Step Seven: Build A Donor Journey

An organizations job is to assure that donors keep involved within the organization. Supports may contact one in multiple ways and multiple times, which correlates to the organization having to keep the donor’s passion going towards the cause.



Brittany Stinocher is a junior at the University of Iowa who is studying Journalism & Mass Communication and currently working on receiving a certificate in Fundraising & Philanthropy Communication. She is very passionate about the nonprofit world and hopes to someday work for a nonprofit sports organization.


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