Want to Double Online Giving? You Can, In 6 Months!

The changes outlined below by CommitChange helped Mercy House double the online donations in just six months, and they can do the same for your organization! More and more of donations to nonprofits are occurring as transactions online, which means it’s critically important that your online donation page is not only open for business but is opitimized! imgres

These steps include…

  1. Break it down:

CommitChange helped Mercy House break down the process into four simple steps:

  1. Recurring
  2. One-time
  3. Amount given
  4. Payment

Instead of asking for the information all at once, CommitChange simplified the process, which is especially helpful for donors in the habit of giving on their mobile device. Whatever your process, be sure to look closely at recurring giving, as it is the category most likely to create valuable ongoing funding (people are more likely to donate $10 a month than $1000 in a single donation!). A simple fix here and there can bring in great results!

For Example: By leading with the recurring gift option, Mercy House increased the number of donors willing to sign up as a sustaining member of the organization by 400 percent! 

  1. Be consistent:

We all know that no one likes to feel like they’re leaving your website when they hit the “Donate” button, and we have seen data prove this! Be sure to keep the look and feel of your donation page consistent with the design and tone of your website and other communication (an easy way to do this and keep the colors and logo on all pages)!

For example, this simple change helped Mercy House convert more of the people who clicked “donate” into actual supporters while giving more of a gift each time on the page.

  1. Streamline the process:

Ever heard of less is more? It’s true! This is another way of saying once someone clicks “donate,” your job is to make the donation process as easy as possible. In fact, CommitChange discovered that every field eliminated from the donation experience increases conversion rates by 2%. And…it was further able to optimize conversion rates!

For example, when Mercy House website visitors click the donate button, a new tab opens up exclusively dedicated to the process, ensuring a closed environment free of distractions (and a better chance of high donations).

The Take Away:

From the information above, Mercy House was able to improve online giving by 110% in 6 months, and yes it kept growing! They continued to do so and saw an additional 73% increase in the next 6 months after. So…if you take the time to build the foundation for online giving, the sky is the limit my friends! Visit this link to Philanthropy News Digest and find out more! 


Marni Wax is a student in the Journalism school at the University of Iowa. She spends her free time running, listening to music, and enjoying a large cup of coffee while scrolling through social media pages. 


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