Tips for Fundraising Online

Donate Computer Key In Blue Showing Charity And Fundraising

According to a survey held by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, online fundraising grew by 13 percent last year alone.

Though online giving is gaining steam, it still accounts for a relatively small portion of the money that charities and non-profits rely on. According to the same survey from The Chronicle the median share of online gifts is just 2 percent of all donations from private sources.

Here are some tips to follow to successfully fundraise online:

Email is Still King

People like to hear from you personally if they’re giving you money, so don’t forget about the importance of a handwritten email.

Tell a Story With Multimedia

Photos and videos not only attract the eye, but they will cause people to linger longer on your posts. Not to mention, a heavy-commented on picture will come up more often in other’s news feeds.

Appeal to Many Audiences

People give for many different reasons, so you really have to think from your audience’s perspective and why they give. Draft your online communications to resonate with those audiences.


One thought on “Tips for Fundraising Online

  1. We’ve noticed a massive increase in online fundraising, with facebook becoming a popular way of hosting online auctions. Good advice.

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