9 Easy Steps to Motivate your Donors via Facebook

notes-thumb.jpgAlthough social networking sites such as Instagram, twitter, etc. have appeared to be the most trending/most usable, research shows that Facebook is still the leading social network site by a long run. With this being said, taking advantage of Facebook as a tactic for donor motivation and engagement should be one of your non-profit’s focuses. More specifically, Nonprofit Tech for Good explains how non-profits can better engage donors through the usage of Facebook’s app, Notes. Facebook Notes is a sub-category of Facebook that allows for users to write extended posts about whatever they please. The updated Facebook Notes’ app includes the ability for users to add cover photos, resize pictures, and add links/hashtags within their posts. Evidence of Facebook Notes’ success in terms of donor motivation has been highlighted by Nonprofit Tech for Good, “On the Nonprofit Tech for Good’s Facebook Page, Facebook Notes are currently receiving 3X the donor reach and engagement as photos and links.

Here are the 9 steps your non-profit needs to take to properly use Facebook Notes: 

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Add Notes(if it has not been added already)
  2. Go to Timeline > Offer, Event+ > Note
  3. Upload a cover photo (1200 X 445) and write a title.
  4. Upload your non-profit’s logo, add content, insert links, and format content
  5. Save or Publish
  6. One published, review
  7. Edit, if necessary
  8. Monitor Insights for Notes to see how they compare to other posts.
  9. Go to Timeline > Manage Tabs > Drag & Drop > Save > Review

For a more extensive and visual description of the Facebook Notes’ process, visit Nonprofit Tech for Good-the social & mobile media blog for non-profits.

Get up to speed with your donors, and incorporate Facebook Notes into your non-profit’s marketing strategy today. Thanks for reading!

Samantha Jourdan is a junior at the University of Iowa majoring in Communication Studies, minoring in Human Relations, and working towards certificates in Fundraising & Philanthropy Communication and Event Planning. She is very passionate about charitable efforts, public service, and the non-profit world in general. 


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