6 Simple Tools to Plan Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Outreach

By Kara FrostPDW Computer Stress Photo

We all know how stressful it can be to keep up with social network posting. With so much time and energy that goes into running a nonprofit, it’s often difficult to focus not only creating social networks, but also on maintaining and sustaining an engaging, effective outreach. Thankfully, the Chronicle of Philanthropy asked experts in digital philanthropy communications how to plan and manage posts. Here are some of the helpful tools they found:


This site is free for all Facebook users, and it claims to allow users to “post better content –  engage more people – [and] turn fans into supporters.” This tool was created specifically for nonprofits and allows organizations to monitor follower engagement. It also finds websites and social medias that might be useful to your organization and recommends certain content for you to post on your own networks.


This tool makes it super easy to keep up with your nonprofit’s social media posting – even when your day is little hectic. Buffer allows its users to plan and schedule posts ahead of time; all you have to do it set the time and the site will post it for you! It also quantifies user engagement and lets you know when your followers are most active for post optimization.


Like Buffer, Hootsuite will also enable you to schedule posts for future publication. What makes this progam different from Buffer is it allows more than one person to manage an account. It also provides statistical data on which posts get the most traffic.

Post Planner

Post Planner uses three simple steps to help your organization increase follower engagement: find, plan, and post. This tool will help you find “scientifically proven content that skyrockets engagement, boosts reach, and drives more traffic” to your accounts. Simply add your favorite sites to the app, and the tool’s rating device will help you pick the most engaging content available.


ScheduGram is another post scheduler, but is limited to Instgram. Instagram does not allow multiple accounts to be open on the app, but ScheduGram makes that possible. This tool also allows multiple people to manage the account and will let you see who scheduled what content.

Google Docs

Google Docs allows you to write, edit, and collaborate content as a document, slideshow, or spreadsheet, and can be edited among multiple users. This may be helpful in creating a shared calendar for future posts.

I hope these tools will be helpful in making your social media outreach less of a hassle. Please feel free to share this post with someone who might find it useful!


Kara Frost is a senior at the University of Iowa studying Health & Human Physiology and currently working on receiving a certificate in Fundraising & Philanthropy Communication. She is very passionate about the nonprofit world and hopes to someday work for a nonprofit health organization.


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