Increase Event Giving with 3 Simple Tips


For nonprofits, fundraising events provide their organization with a way to engage with donors, encourage positive involvement from supporters, and essentially build a greater community. Undoubtedly, these events also help nonprofits raise money for their cause.

Unfortunately not all fundraising events are a success. According to Caryn Stein on Network for Good, she makes three suggestions for nonprofits that want to increase giving at their next fundraising event.


YOUR Tips for Success:

1.  Provide Attendees the Ability to Give MoreText-to-Give-Web

For example,  your organization could implement auctions and raffles, mobile donations, and or a specific donation station at your next event. Auctions and raffles are a fun way to raise money, and allow the organization to gather items that reflect the communities interest as well as the organizations cause. Additionally, encourage your attendees to reach out to their networks and help expand your reach past your list of donors.

www.usnews2. Demonstrate Your Impact

Transparency is extremely important because donors want to know where their money is going and how their gift is making a difference. To do this, show your work through storytelling and educational hands-on opportunities. You could also invite someone who has been impacted by your organization to speak and share his or her story.

3.  Show Appreciation

Acknowledging your donors is essential. Thanking donors is not only the right thing to do, but it also allows your organization the opportunity to build relationships with donors, and thank-youtherefore secure support for the future. During your event, highlight your donors. You could even treat your donors like the stars of your event by making them VIPs. Don’t forget to acknowledge your sponsors as well, because without their generous support your event probably would not have happened.

These suggestions will further the success of any nonprofits fundraising events. Be sure to follow up with your donors after the event to properly thank them for their support. Hopefully, by the end of your event, the organization will not only have more funds, but it will also have loyal donors and stronger relationships within the community.


About the writer: Samantha Tokarczyk is a senior at the University of Iowa studying Ethics and Public Policy with a certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communications. She intends to continue working with animal welfare nonprofits, as well as attend law school after graduation.


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