How to Handle Negative Nelly’s Online

By: Arlinda Fasliu
Arlinda is a Journalism and International Studies student at The University of Iowa. She is passionate about the environment and human rights. She hopes to one day do P.R. for a non-profit that plucks her heart strings and also publish a collection of poetry.

At one point in our lives, we all realized that not everyone is going to like us. Same goes for organizations. Even if you are trying to solve world hunger, someone will always be against what you stand for or have to say.  Like when this happened



When it comes to handling social media accounts, you need to make sure you hit all your bases. There are users that will mimic your organization, bully it, or go straight to abusing staff members or the CEO. It is important your organization has a firm foundation in place to combat things like this.


Stop impersonators 

Own all of your domains. Buy the dot org, dot com, dot net. Heck, buy the dot gov even. You need to make sure that someone can not weaken your organization by buying another domain and impersonating you. While you are at it, trademark your organization by sending in your documents to the website. Once you’re “official” on the site, continue to trademark your logo and name on all of your publicity material.

Derail Harassment

Create community standards and share them with the group to show that your organization expects people to post appropriately and that harassment will not be tolerated. Include things like privacy standards, bullying, and hateful content.

Here as an example of Facebook’s community standards.


Use the links and resources  bellow to remediate the situation depending on the site. Report the abuse and follow what the websites say. Some bigger organizations take haters straight on such as  the company Campbells did when they received the hate comments they got after their ad featuring two dad’s feeding their child soup. How your organization wants to handle hate is up to you. Bottom line- you must have a plan in place for if and when it happens.


Twitter:  offensive content policyonline abuse, safety and security policy

Instagram:  report abuse

Linkdin:  reporting inappropriate content.

Pintrest: acceptable use policy

Youtube: Check out youtubes policies here.


Click here for more tips from another article.






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