Write Engaging Content in 9 Steps


Keep your readers loyal and your website relevant by writing enticing posts using these nine steps.

1.Focus on the reader

Don’t forget the human element in your writing. If you can, write to just one person. This demonstrates a genuine desire to connect with your audience.

2. Use your voice

Many readers don’t follow you because of your expertise alone; they also consider your personality. Don’t be afraid to show who you are.

3. Make it a conversation

When you write, imagine you are talking to a friend. Don’t worry about using perfect language, just be human. This is what will really engage your readers.

4. Try not to sound like a robot

Here’s what not to do:

· Use a dry, detached tone

· Give information without revealing emotion

· Repeat words over and over

· Over-automate on social media

5. Tell a story

Sharing experiences is the best way to hook your readers. Focusing on personal stories and anecdotes will humanize you as a writer.

6. Interact with readers after they visit your site

To leave a lasting impression, include calls-to-action at strategic spots in your writing. Consider your purpose and craft your posts with that in mind.

7. Focus on quality, not quantity

Don’t just recycle your old posts or someone else’s. Cut down on the number of posts if necessary to be able to publish more focused stories.

share8. Make it easy to share

Include shareable quotes and ask your readers to share. Keep in mind – writing that evokes emotion is more likely to be shared.

9. Keep your content current

Acknowledge popular topics and write about them.Be sure to put your original spin on it.

Original article: http://www.ragan.com/Main/Articles/50856.aspx

Taylor Parks is a senior at the University of Iowa going for her bachelor’s in Psychology as well as certificates in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication. She looks forward to someday running a nonprofit in the environmental/animal world.


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