When to Say Goodbye to a Social Network

In a world with so many new and different social media networks it can become difficult to prioritize each, and ensure that you are benefitting from each equally. According to studies done by Nonprofit Tech for Good, it is very important for any nonprofit to reassess the value of being active on each of the social networks being used. By prioritizing these networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter the ultimate goal is to attract new followers, referral traffic, and new subscribers to e- newsletters.

social net.png


4 Signs to Say Goodbye

There are 4 keys signs that it is time for your nonprofit to say goodbye to a social network and give your time to one with more potential.

1.There is little to no trackable return on investment from using the social network.

  • If you have given a social network a good effort and traffic is too low, then I might be best to move on.

2. There are other Social networks that need your attention.

  • If you are already feeling overwhelmed, then it is probably best not to start experimenting with any new social networks.

3. You do not have time or desire to use the social network anymore.

  • If you do not enjoy using a social network then you most likely won’t be very good at using it. It is important that you enjoy using the social network.

4. Research reveals that the social network isn’t a good fit for your social media strategy.

  • It is important for every nonprofit to do research to ensure that the work they are doing is benefitting them.


By staying alert and looking for these four simple signs,  your nonprofit can ensure that you are not wasting anytime on social networks that are not benefitting you or your followers.


Angelene Petrarca is a junior at The University of Iowa, where she is double majoring in journalism and sports studies. She is a sports fanatic that hopes to one day be on your television screens covering the latest sporting event from the sidelines.



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