4 Ways to Get the Most of Your Contacts!

By: Alex Westlund

With 2016 well underway, it is important for nonprofit organizations to ensuresugartin-iphone-contact-book-add-contact their contact list is being utilized as beneficially as possible. According to The Philanthropy News Digest, there are four distinct ways that nonprofit organizations can maximize their contact list. Your touches and communications with your contact list can be extremely influential on your fundraising efforts. Read below to learn how to maximize your contact list!

1. Send regular messages. 

Regular communications with your contact list ensures that your donors and potential donors are up to date on information pertaining to your organization. Beyond fundraising solicitations, communications should be made at least four times a year. This ensures that they are aware of the issues at hand and how they can help.

2. Integrate communication strategies.

While social media and e-newsletters have been on the rise, it is important to integrate different communication strategies when reaching your contact list. Utilizing ‘old-fashioned’ print communications can resonate with different groups of donors just as effectively.

3. Create relationships through cultivation.

Within your organization, it is important to draw on any networks outside of the organization. These relationships or future relationships could bring about new donors for your organization. However, you must make sure to build strong relationships with new contacts to your list. When strong relationships are present, donations will follow.

4. Utilize your volunteers.

Volunteers are a vital part of any nonprofit organization. These are people dedicated to the mission of your organization and utilizing them can bring great success to your organization. Involve them by having them make calls to update and thank donors. Also be sure to thank your volunteers for their work within your organization.

The way that your organization utilizes your contact list is imperative to success in any fundraising campaigns. With strong relationships and communications with your contact list, your organization is sure to begin seeing success in fundraising!

Alex Westlund is currently a senior at the University of Iowa, majoring in Entrepreneurial Management. She is also pursuing certificates in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising & Philanthropy. Alex is excited to begin pursuing a career in Higher Education Fundraising following graduation in May 2016.



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