How to Design a More Effective Website


For most people like myself who visit the Internet daily, a website’s layout, structure, and overall appearance is very important. For a non-profit organization, an effective website is arguably the most important tool they have to communicate with their intended audiences. It can explain many things about the organization, including what they stand for, who they help, what they do, and even why it matters.

From my experience, some non-profit’s website’s experiences can unfortunately fall flat, and this is because, as columnist Matt Schwartz states “It’s asking a lot of a website redesign to carry the burden of distilling all the complexity of a social organization and its work, and to translate it into an online experience that is easily understood by anyone”. In fewer words, it is hard for an organization and a website design firm to have a clear understanding on things as complex as the organizations mission, strategies, and impact.

But, Scwartz offers a solution to this problem: forget user experience and build brand experiences. He suggests that instead of focusing on the website, take time to develop a brand strategy before moving on to the website. It will make decisions easier on things like structure, design, and even content strategy.

By clearly defining who your audience is and what your brand is, it will be easier for your company to define what they need to do to appeal to the audiences at hand. To read more about these helpful strategies, check out Schwartz’s column here.


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