Tips for CEO’s: Creating an Authentic Insta



Instagram, for many of us puts us in this place where we feel artistic. Our pseudo photography persona comes out and we work the right angle and pick the right filter that will showcase just how cool we are. Your Instagram shows  people who you are, even if it is a tailored best version of you in sepia. That said, it’s important that although we spend this amount of time perfecting these Instagram post, we can’t fall into the realm of the “uncanny valley” and we must come off as authentic. Many people don’t want to follow a walking advertisement, so, as the CEO, you must follow some steps to remain interesting but not robotic.

Components of authenticity and how to portray them in your posts:

Genuine: To reflect your  behavior, character, values and vision. Post things that are not only about your non-profit, but show another side of yourself such as a trip to the museum or curling up reading a good book.

Distinctiveness: Don’t make the viewer have to think about what your post is about. Be unique and precise  in what you are posting so your viewers know where you stand.

Relevant: Stay relevant to what your viewers are looking for when following you. Many of your followers are probably contributors to your organization. So, if you’re having a fundraiser, post some behind the scene’s photos that really connect to those funding to the event or challenge.

Visibility: Posting about success stories and clients that allow you to share what they are going through  touches people on an emotional level. Story telling is the number one most powerful way to connect to people. Instagram is about storytelling. Each picture can say a thousand words. Use hashtags for the programs so that you can be easily found and other organizations, Journalist  etc. can find you.

Specialization: Have a focus on what strategy you are using and what you are trying to portray on your page. Do you have a lot of knowledge about green energy? Do you particularly love to talk about the wage gap or social injustice? Make sure to incorporate that knowledge and embody that in the posts that you have calling out other great organizations and opportunities to get involved.

Authority: To reinforces the idea that you are an expert in this field and the organizations mission. By sharing your knowledge and showcasing it in a post followers are more likely to trust your expert knowledge and you organization.  Use your commentary, hashtags, and research skills to show this off.

Goodwill: Be a human. Really! Be yourself! Use a picture of your dog to connect to the organization or  your morning coffee. Don’t be afraid to use humor. As most of us know, meme culture is very much a thing and laughter is something many of us are looking for when we scroll through our feeds.

For examples of how this is done read this .

Arlinda Fasliu is a Journalism student at the University of Iowa who one day dreams of traveling the world and starting her own non-profit.




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