7 Qualities of an Effective Nonprofit Instagram

By Kara Frost

instagram-marketingIn my last post, I talked about prioritizing your time by carefully selecting social networks that are relevant to your audience. I mentioned three networks to focus on if you are just beginning to dabble in social media or if you just don’t have the time to juggle several accounts, these included: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Since the workings of Facebook and Twitter are more widely known, this post will focus on simple ways to make your organization’s Instagram unique and appealing through some advice by Beth’s Blog.  According to to the blog, good Instagram accounts are:

1. Genuine

Your Instagram should reflect who your organization is, so show some character in your posts! Make sure your photo sharing includes images that reflect your mission and values.

2. Distinctive

Your photos don’t need to be professional all the time, but make sure the images you post are really grasping at the message you are trying to convey. Make sure to also carefully choose how you want to describe your photo in the caption; the text will enrich how your followers view your photo.

3. Relevant

This is possibly the most important quality to keep in mind. Your photos need to be appealing to your audience. If your audience is teenage girls, don’t upload photos that would more likely be suitable for middle-aged men.

4. Visible

If your organization is going through the trouble to keep up with an Instagram account, make sure it is easy to attract more followers. Tag people in your photos when appropriate and make sure to use hashtags and add locations so people have a variety of ways to find you!

5. Specialized

Similar to being distinctive, specialization calls for your photo streams to achieve a focus around a core subject matter. Figure out what you want your account to tell your audience, and stick to that strategy.

6. Authoritative

Remind your followers that you are an expert at what you do! Make sure to post photos that not only record major events, show them what you do on a day to day basis as well. This will allow followers to get an inside look at how your organization operates.

7. Goodwill Generating

The purpose of all nonprofits! This aspect allows your organization to show its true colors. Use your Instagram as a platform that will make people laugh or feel an emotional connection with what your organization does. Creating good feelings when people look at your account will only make your followers develop a deeper connection with you.

I hope these tips help your organizations’ Instagrams live up to full potential! To read the full article from Beth’s Blog please click here. Thanks for reading!


Kara Frost is a senior at the University of Iowa studying Health & Human Physiology and currently working on receiving a certificate in Fundraising & Philanthropy Communication. She is very passionate about the nonprofit world and hopes to someday work for a nonprofit health organization.


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