4 Signs Your Nonprofit Should Quit a Social Network

With an abundant amount of options of social media networks available, it can be difficult for a Nonprofit Organization to decide what is working and what is not with each site. It is also is crucial to consider how much time can be offered to maintaining these sites because many Nonprofits do not have the resources (both finanically and time wise) to dedicate one person to solely run their social media forums.

Here are four tips to consider if your Nonprofit Organization may need to limit the social networks used:

  1. There is very little trackable return on investment from using the social network.
               If effort is made for 2 years and there is low referral traffic, drop it.
  1. There are other social networks that need your attention.
                Real time storytelling and reporting is gaining popularity, for example Snapchat. It is important                   for an organization to know when to quit and know when to expand.
  1. You don’t have the time or desire to use the social network anymore.
                If you don’t enjoy using it, you won’t be good at it.
  1. Research reveals that the social network isn’t a good fit for your social media strategy.
                Know your audience, and know which networks they are actively using.

For more informational strategies about when and when not to use a social network, check out this link:


Alison Kelly is a senior at the University of Iowa majoring in Communication Studies with a Certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy. She is very passionate about nonprofits  and hopes to eventually be on the board of a nonprofit organization in the future. 


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