Mobile Apps to Change the Way Donors Give

What would we do as a society without cell phones? This generation has become so dependent on their cell phones and mobile apps that it seems as if you can almost do anything on them. For the nonprofit world this idea that anything can be accomplished on a cellular device has almost come true. According to Nonprofits Tech For Good, this is the year that could ultimately benefit your nonprofit by utilizing 8 new tools that will make donating to your organization easy and accessible a any potential donors convenience.

The Eight Essential Tools of 20168-Fundraising-Tools-to-Watch-in-2016-Facebook-300x300

  1. Apple Pay

  • This app allows your audience and potential new donors to make payments with the tap of their fingers on the go, through the apps finger scan feature. Apple makes donating convenient and safe for the donors of 2016.

2. Facebook Donate Button

  • The new Facebook Fundraiser page allows approved nonprofits to raise money with the help of the new donate button, which allows users to donate directly to a Facebook page.  The  feature also allows nonprofits to directly accept these donations.

3. Give a Dime

  • This app allows your audience to round their credit and debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and then allows these users to donate the small difference to the charity of their choice. Though these donations may be small, each time an individual uses the app they could potentially donate to the same cause.

4. Givelocity

  • This app allows individuals to make giving more fun by cretin a group to donate with. This allows each group member to donate one dollar, and then allows each member to vote on which charity their donation will go to. This app gets groups of friends who may not usually donate to a specific cause get the chance to do so.

5. Givolio

  • This mobile app allows donors to build a giving portfolio, that keeps track of their donations, and send the user their tax reports easily through their email.

6. Omaze

  • This website encourages individuals  donate with the incentive to win a once in a lifetime experience.

7. Pledging

  • This app allows businesses to setup employee giving programs to spread the word about nonprofits that need help.

8. You Give Goods

  • This app allows your nonprofit or business to easily set up a food and supply drive for your donors convenience.


With these eight easy and useful mobile tools our nonprofit will potentially se a difference in donors activity during the 2016 year!


Angelene Petrarca is a junior at The University of Iowa, where she is double majoring in journalism and sports studies. She is a sports fanatic that hopes to one day be on your television screens covering the latest sporting event from the sidelines.



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