6 steps to launching successful online infographics


Infographics can be a non-profits most popular and powerful tools. The visual format is exceptional at communicating a nonprofit’s data and calls-to-action. However, well-designed, captivating, useful infographics will struggle to capture an audience if they are incompatible with certain social networks or unfit for mobile devices. To perfect our nonprofit’s infographic, make use of these six practices. http://www.nptechforgood.com/2015/03/29/how-to-successfully-launch-nonprofit-infographics-online/

1: Upload your infographic as a full-size image

Many nonprofits upload their infographics in PDF format. The inconvenience of converting PDF files into more sharable and universally viewable formats ensures that only a fraction of supporters will interact with the data.

2: Crop and size sections of your infographic when promoting on social networks

Your infographic should ideally be designed in blocks of 500×500 pixels and 500 x 250 pixels to maximize promotion on social networks. This is not standard practice, but doing so often increases ‘shareability’.

3: Make your infographic sharable

To maximize sharing on social networks, ensure that your landing page prominently features visible “Share” buttons. Also be aware of the keywords that describe the infographic and the word “infographic” in the webpage title and summary to maximize SEO.

4: Make your landing page mobile device applicable

Maximize traffic and social sharing by embedding your infographic on a responsively designed landing page to ensure it is user friendly for mobile users. If you spend the time and resources creating a great infographic, make sure it looks good on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

5: Prominently features calls-to-action on your infographic

Featuring calls-to-action on your landing page will “covert viewers into donors, followers, petitions signers, e-newsletter subscribers, etc.”

6: Send subscribers to your landing page

Never promote your infographic by linking to a PDF in an e-newsletter. PDFs are inconvenient and the practice is outdated. Send subscribers to your landing page where they can share your data and be encouraged to take further action.

Okechukwu Ukah is a senior at the University of Iowa majoring in Sociology with a Certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy. He is very passionate about fundraising and local politics. After graduation, he plans to work in the non-profit sector while staying involved with Iowa City politics.



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