Facebook Launches Site to Help Enhance Nonprofits’ Use of Promotional Tools

Nonprofit organizations have the potential to use Facebook to reach out to potential new donors, existing donors and a large portion of the world. With more than 1 billion people active on Facebook, the amount of donations they receive should be astronomical. Although Facebook’s fundraising efforts are there, the amount of donations they receive aren’t as high as they would like.

On Thursday, Facebook unveiled a new website created to help charities use its promotional tools. The website, nonprofits.fb.com, did not introduce any new tools or features but shows nonprofits how they can use the platform to maximize donations and fundraising.  It’s broken up into the four categories they find necessary for success.

Getting Started

  1. Set up a page.
  2. Keep the page active so people can discover your organization and connect with you
  3. Post and connect with your followers as much as possible
  4. Get people to like your page so that they can help support your mission and spread the word about the work you do
  5. Campaign! Have an effective campaign strategy so maximize online efforts

Raise Awareness

  1. Grab people’s attention by creating posts that people will engage in
  2. Strengthen relationships by interacting with your supporters and let them know your organization appreciates them
  3. Use ads to reach an audience who will connect with your content

Activate Supporters

  1. Empower people to share you message
  2. Get people together by organizing face-to-face meetings using Facebook
  3. Find ways to inspire people who already care about the cause and have them lead both online and offline.

Get Funds

  1. Get more donations by increasing followers and connecting with potential donors
  2. Have effective fundraising campaigns that encourage people to give
  3. Peer-to-peer fundraising gets people in encourage their friends to give to




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