4 Ways To Maximize Your Contact List

feedback picNow that 2015 is over, data and different types of information has surfaced and it’s our job to make sure we use this information to better our organizations.

The Contact List stated in the title refers to anything that has to do with people that show potential interest in the organization. This information include, names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers (basically, any current contacts you have to reach potential donors).

Some of you might ask “Who cares?” Well…I’m here to tell you that the success of your organization and the finances you bring in yearly, depends on what this contact list could say.

1. Send messages to your list regularly

What would you think of a friend that asked you for money whenever you talked, but that was the only time you talked (probably not a very nice person). Think of your contacts in the same way! Don’t just solicit! Reach out to your list with exciting and current news and updates, at least 4 times a year.

2. Blend communication strategies together-

Be multi-channeled! Even if your e-newsletters reaches every person you have on your list and more, it doesn’t truly mean those readers are invested in what information you show them. Email and online communication can be fantastic, but you have to think of those other people on the list that don’t think it is. Be creative in communication techniques!  For example, use print to send a post card or image to their house, then write your website out on it, and people have an option to explore.

3. Build lists through cultivation (not buying them off)

You try to buy a relationship with a donor (IT WON’T WORK). Instead use your staff and volunteers to express to the community how special your organization is, why they support you, and what effects you have on others! Earn their support by going to a more personal space, like a home, and create connections through stories and conversations.

Use volunteers help!- 

You are not in this alone! Volunteers can be the blood of an organization, and to keep them motivated and involved, send them names on your list. Have them update and reach out to them to have a more personal approach. Always thank them, then thank them again before you leave when encouraging those donors to tell others about the organization. Follow up with a nice note after sent to their home, because honestly who doesn’t love nice mail addressed to them?!

To read more about this critical information, click here! 


Marni Wax is a student in the Journalism school at the University of Iowa. She spends her free time running, listening to music, and enjoying a large cup of coffee while scrolling through social media pages. 


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