Spicing Up Your Non-Profit

By: Nikko Ebbole

With Valentine’s Day now fading into the background, many couples fall back into the monotony of everyday life. They forget about this day of romance and how nice it was to reignite a flame that once burned ever so bright. Surprising your loved one and keeping things fresh should not just be reserved for one or two days a year. However, often in our relationships and in our non-profits we find ourselves stuck in a rut in need of some sort of spark. Here are some ways for your non-profit to spice things up and keep people interested.

Reach Out

This goes for donors, volunteers, and those affected by your cause. Go out and do a short interview with these people involved in your organization. Ask them what draws them out to volunteer, how it makes them feel, and why others should. Have them talk about how they have been affected by this cause and what it means to them that there are people out there willing to lend a helping hand. Take these interviews and share them in your E-newsletter, on your website, or on social media to show people how your cause is making a difference in the world.

Branch Out

As a non-profit organization a good place to find potential volunteers or interns is at local high schools and colleges. By coming to schools and talking about your cause and what you stand for you can advertise your organizations to students. This not only gives the students opportunities to volunteer or try to intern, but they may even feel so passionate about your cause that they go home to their parents and tell them to look into donating to your cause.

Try To Expand Your Demographic

If you are finding that your organization has been drawing from only one or a select few demographics it may be time to look for ways to expand. To try and attract more men try focusing more of your organizations information around logic and reason. Use numbers and statistics. When it comes to appealing to women try and focus more on emotional appeals. If you find yourself needing to attract a younger demographic it may help to put some more focus on social media.pic hrt

Nikko Ebbole is a junior at the University of Iowa. He is currently double majoring in Ethics and Public Policy as well as Journalism and Mass Communications. He hopes to attend law school after graduating from the University of Iowa next summer.


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