Get the Most Out of Your Organizations Twitter Account

Many nonprofit organizations are turning to Twitter to spread awareness, reach out to their constituents, and inform the public about who they are and what they do. And with the new features Twitter has added to their platform, it’s about to get a lot easier for nonprofits to connect with their followers. An article posted on Philanthropy News Digest described the new additions.

Moments: This new feature highlights the most talked-about stories of the day. Social movements that create hashtags that start to trend or write a post that gains a lot of attention, they could be feature on the moments pages. This public page opens an organization’s audience up to anyone scrolling through the feed that day. The potential donor, volunteers, and clients one organization could reach that day, if featured, is endless!

Polls: You can now create and post polls on Twitter – as long as there’s only four options and your question is 116 characters. With this feature organizations can inquire with their followers on changes within the organization, social issues relating to the organization, and so much

Direct Video Posting: You can now take, edit, and post video all directly through Twitter. The ability to post video directly will expand users ability to share video content. Organization can share videos of the work their doing minute by minute if they wanted (but it’s not recommended).

Full-Sized Images: Users no longer have to crop photos before posting them. Full-sized images can now be shared on timelines allowing nonprofits to fit all the progress their making into one shoot!

Samone Coleman is a junior at the University of Iowa pursuing a degree in Sociology as well as certificates in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communications, Human Rights, and Critical Cultural Competence.  She hopes to one day work as Field Organizer for Amnesty International.  





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