Online Giving is the Future…Keep Up!

By Anthony Lehnertz

It seems as though everything today is moving online and giving is no exception. We’re entering a time where Millennials, the 80 million young Americans, will be the generation with greatest purchasing power. The general understanding is that Millennials are confident, connected and open to change; however, what most people don’t know is that Millennials are also the most philanthropic generation to date. According to the Millennial Impact Report, 84% of Millennials made a charitable donation in 2014 and only 22% of those donations were solicited by the company the individual worked for (CNBC). found that 70% of Millennials made these contributions online. So if online giving is prevalent, why are so many donation pages outdated?

Well we’re here to help. Roderick Campbell, CEO of CommitChange shares three simple ideas with Philanthropy News Digest that helped his organization double online giving for Mercy House in just six months:

Break it Down

CommitChange breaks down the donation process into four simple steps:

  • Recurring vs. One-Time
  • Amount
  • Information
  • Payment

By prompting donors to give each of these fields at different times, CommitChange made sure donors did not feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they needed to provide. Campbell uses charity: water as an organization that has successfully implemented quick and simple steps for donors. In addition, these simple process made online giving from a mobile device much more simple.

Be Consistent

No contributor wants to feel as though they have left your website after being redirected to your donation page by clicking on the donate now button. Therefore, make sure your donation page keeps the same design, feel and tone as the rest of your website. In addition to being consistent, be sure to have your organization’s logo clearly pictured all the way through the donation process.

Streamline the Process

Once someone has successfully clicked your donate now button, it is important not to lose them before receiving the donation. The most successful way to retain donors throughout the entire donation process is to make the process quick and simple. In fact, CommitChange has discovered that every field eliminated from the donation experience increases their conversion rates by 2 percent. It also found that having the donation page open in its own tab improves conversion rates by helping to avoid distractions.

These three simple changes was all it took for Campbell and CommitChange to increase online giving by 110% just six months after releasing the new donation page design for Mercy House. And improvements did not stop there, Mercy House saw another 73% increase in online giving in the next six months as well. Online giving is not going away; no matter the size of your non-profit or the amount of free time you think you don’t have,  it is clearly worthwhile to make time, and ensure that the foundation of your online giving is solid because it will only become more beneficial in the future.


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