Useful Twitter Features for Nonprofits

Twitter-logoPersonally, Twitter is not my favorite social media platform. I find it annoying to use, and read through every day. But, turns out, I might be the only one that feels this way. Twitter has nearly 307 million active users, and 66 million of those users are in the United States. Twitter also came out with some new features, and some updated features, that are particularly helpful to nonprofits in fundraising and spreading their messages.


Twitters feature “moments” allows users to surf through the most talked about stories of the day, coming up on their feeds because of the use of relevant hashtags. Thus, a reason for non profits to participate in social media campaigns and use these relevant hashtags.


Though they might not be scientific, polls are a great way to engage with your community, and possibly ask questions about ways you are going about things and how they should change. The only downside: you only have 140 characters to ask your questions.


Twitter acquired periscope last year,which allows people to live stream their situation. It could be incredibly helpful to nonprofits in storytelling efforts, making it more visual instead of just words on a page.



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