4 Steps to Mastering YOUR Organizations Social Media

By Samantha Tokarczyk


Have you logged into social media today?

Our current society thrives on communication through technology, especially with the innovative capabilities of staying connected through social media. Our presence on social media has become a natural part of our daily routine. Many nonprofits are establishing a presence on social media, while others are slow to take advantage of this network.

According to a blog by Liz Ragland on Network for Good, she lists four steps to “Conquer Social Media on #GivingTuesday”. Her versatile and useful tips help create a social media plan that I believe nonprofits should not only utilize for a campaign like Giving Tuesday, but they should be implemented all year round for other projects and campaigns. Liz’s steps are easy to implement and can be used to strategically send any message to your network of supporters and then shared to thousands more.



1. Create an Outline for Your Plan

To establish a plan, it may require a couple drafts, but do not give up. Choose a story, topic, or theme and run with it. Your November through December theme might be Giving Tuesday, but your January through February theme might just be sharing your mission and goals across your network to increase the number of supporters. Remember to pace yourself but remain consistent in your posting.

2. Identify Several Ambassadors for Your Social Media

peer-to-peer-fundraising-300x211Form a set group of followers who will share your posts and ultimately expand your network. When your social media followers begin to share and repost your original content on their social media feeds, more people see your message and you may gain more supporters and possibly more donations!

3. Utilize Automatic Content Posting

You may get caught up in current projects and posting content on your social media may become less frequent. Perhaps once you have outlined your plan, set up several posts with content to be posted every so often during this period of your content plan. Your organization may have various projects throughout the year that all need high levels of attention, so creating a content plan set for automatic posting on your social media will allow you to stay consistent and cohesive.

The Internet has several tools to automate your content; here are a few options: Buffer, Sprout Social, HootSuite, TweetDeck, SocialOomph.

4. Get Visual and Use Photographs

FACT: Images increase engagement. The interaction rate on Facebook increases 87% when posts include images. Engagement on Twitter doubles when there is visual content and not just words. These images should not be random but rather engage your audience with relevant content and relate back to current projects that your nonprofit is working on. Upload a video on the success of your last project and the benefits it has created, post various photos to tell a story and encourage your network to donate.

The Internet has so many free tools that you should take advantage of. There are free photo editing tools such as Canva and PicMonkey.


These four steps, according to Liz, can allow your Giving Tuesday campaign to be a success. Subsequently these four steps can also be applied to any campaign and help establish a cohesive strategic plan for your social media to increase your presence and thus increase the amount of followers for your nonprofit.


About the writer: Samantha Tokarczyk is a senior at the University of Iowa studying Ethics and Public Policy with a certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communications. She intends to continue working with animal welfare nonprofits, as well as attend law school after graduation.


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