Making Your Way Into Twitter Moments

It is easy to get lost amongst the trending stories found everyday on our Twitter feed. It becomes hard to keep up with every top story that surfaces the web due to the clutter of Twitter accounts and causes actively tweeting each and everyday. It is easier for an individual as a reader to scroll past information until we find something that is unique that catches our eye. However, Twitter has recently added a new function that could potentially change tweeting for everyone. This function has the potential to change the way we come across these unique and interesting stories that we are all scrolling to find.

Utilizing Twitter Moments

It can be hard for a nonprofit to get lost among the millions of Twitter users, however with the correct use of hashtags added to your unique tweet, you can easily appear in the Twitter moments feature, giving your nonprofit more viewers. Twitter moments allows you to find the most talked about stories of the day without having to get lost amongst useless information. To access the Twitter moments feature a user can find the lightning bolt icon on the top of your Twitter timeline by clicking on that icon, you will be sent to the top stories being talked about on that given day.

Tweeting Smart

The moments feature of Twitter was introduced in hopes of making the popular app easier for new users to utilize, leading them to smarter tweeting. Prioritizing content related to a nonprofit, as well as including visuals can help a tweet catch a readers eye and ultimately lead to a retweet allowing more users to see your tweet giving your nonprofit a better chance of reaching more individuals.

Tips to a Retweet

  • Include visuals
  • Do not use abbreviations
  • Do not forget punctuation
  • Use concise language
  • Limit tweets to 2-8 a day

By following these few tips, your nonprofit has a larger chance of ending up being a top story found in Twitters new Moments feature, making your organization the topic of conversation.



Angelene Petrarca is a junior at The University of Iowa, where she is double majoring in journalism and sports studies. She is a sports fanatic that hopes to one day be on your television screens covering the latest sporting event from the sidelines.


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