5 Ways to Rule the Next #GivingTuesday


       Arlinda Fasliu is a Sophomore at the University of Iowa. She is an Albanian American that has always been drawn to community service and dreams of working in a non-profit or government organization that deals with human rights. Fun fact: Mother Teresa was Albanian. Arlinda wishes she would of supported women’s healthcare more, but after all, no one’s perfect. She is a hardcore feminist, hardcore believer in world peace, & hardcore gypsy jazz enthusiast.  


Many non-profits are at different stages of utilizing social media platforms to make the most of things like #GivingTuesday. Through the strategic and creative use of Facebook and Twitter, Non-profit organizations have been able to increase their donations on #GivingTuesday by utilizing these 5 steps.

1.Brand your #GivingTuesday Campaign

It’s likely that your organization isn’t the only one trying to end world hunger or stop domestic violence, so make sure to make your graphics and information formatted to your brand. Simplify the information and lay it out into something that is easy to see and understand. Consistency in posting and branding not only helps people know when and where to give, but also increases reliability in your organization.

2. Keep it Consistent

Ever had a friend who is always a different person depending on who they’re with? No one wants to be that friend; and no one wants to see that in an organization. Consistency in branding and information is key to keeping your stakeholders feeling like they are investing their money in an organization that knows what they’re doing and is putting their money to good use.

3. Use Compelling Media

They say a picture can say a thousand words. It’s not just a cliché. It’s a timeless fact. Through the use of good photography and cinematography on Twitter and Facebook you can lead people to your website on #GivingTuesday. Capture captivating shots that explain your campaign in a professional but authentic way.  Use these forms of media to entice supports to share and get others involved in the #GivingTuesday Campaign!

4. Buy ads on Facebook strategically

Target those that have an interest in your charitable organization. Buy your ad two weeks ahead of time since all non- profits will be trying to use social media to gain donors that day. Getting a leg up will help increase your Facebook fans and save you money once #GivingTuesday rolls around! Don’t forget to pay Facebook to give your post a boost the day of! Project Healing Waters earned $20,000 from utilizing this strategy!

5. Add a “ Donate Now” button on Facebook

This button is likely to be seen by a lot of first time donors on #GivingTuesday. Project Healing Waters recommends this button since 60% of their social media donation traffic on #GivingTuesday was through their Facebook page.


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