Snapchat: Taking over the Nonprofit World

In today’s day and age, Snapchat is a way for people to stay constantly engaged in their friends lives.  Whether you are on vacation, out with friends, or promoting a business, this social medium allows you to instantly post a temporary picture, often adding the location of where you are with a short statement.

This being said…it is another new way for nonprofits to keep the community updated on what exactly they are doing! This would be a valuable tool for the audience to be able to directly understand the difference each nonprofit organization is making and how to get involved.

I personally have been extremely involved with Girls on the Run while spending my time at the University of Iowa. If Girls on the Run of Eastern Iowa created a Snapchat, this would allow myself and others to post pictures from weekly practices, fundraisers, and races to keep the parents and community members involved with the organization on a more personal level and see what the organization is about from a day to day basis. This may help recruit more volunteer coaches or spark interest in community members donating.

It is often hard to get an understanding of what each nonprofit accomplishes or values simply based off reading their name or mission statement. This is why nonprofits would benefit from engaging with Snapchat and adding the personal element into the organization!

For more information about how to get involved with Snapchat and how to create one for your nonprofit organization, check out this link below:

Alison Kelly is a senior at the University of Iowa majoring in Communication Studies with a Certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy. She is very passionate about nonprofits  and hopes to eventually be on the board of a nonprofit organization in the future. 

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