Taking Your Non-Profit to the TOP!

Many non-profit organizations have emerged nowadays, so how can you make sure your non-profit doesn’t go across unnoticed? Throughout my research and experience, I have found one common answer, Volunteers. Volunteers are at the heart of every non-profit organization, they are the ones supporting and publicizing your non-profit’s mission. The more engaged your volunteers are, the more successful your non-profit’s growth is. Volunteer engagement isn’t always a natural process though, it all starts with how your non-profit owns its mission. From a recent article in Philanthropy News Digestdiscussion of non-profits owning their movement, and ultimately volunteer/supporter engagement is discussed. More specifically, 5 ways to own your movement is addressed.

5 Ways for Your Non-Profit to Own Its Movement

  1. Your focus should be getting people to “join” the movement instead of experiencing it.
  2. Your supporters act without purpose.
  3. You tell supporters how to be involved instead of letting them decide for themselves.
  4. You’re exclusive rather than inclusive.
  5. Give supporters sufficient opportunities to realize their potential.

Making volunteers feel valued and special is just as important as making your donors feel special. As I said previously, volunteers are the heart of non-profit organizations. When you invest in those reliable volunteers, your non-profit organization will be headed in the right direction!

Samantha Jourdan is a junior at the University of Iowa majoring in Communication Studies, minoring in Human Relations, and working towards certificates in Fundraising & Philanthropy Communication and Event Planning. She is very passionate about charitable efforts, public service, and the non-profit world in general. 


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