Four Easy Ways to Making Donor Recognition Memorable

By Kate Huber

In a world where communication is becoming more accessible and messages are becoming briefer, donor recognition can easily be lost in the electronic world of conversing. While appreciation for donors may be felt, it’s vital for this appreciation to be shown. Putting in the extra effort to make certain that your non-profit is prioritizing donors could be the difference between a one-time donor and an annual donor.

Allison Fine advises the best ways to provide memorable donor recognition that comes at little or no cost to non-profit organizations:

  • Handwritten Thank You

While this may seem like an out of date notion, this communication form will be sure to catch the attention of your donors while also making them feel like they’ve made a real difference in the cause they care about so greatly.

  • Invite Donors to an Intimate Social Event

Thanking donors at a personal event will be sure to grab their attention. Whether it be a catered lunch at the office or a backyard barbecue at a member of the organization’s home, this extra thank you will give donors a chance to learn more about the cause while creating connections with others with the same interests.

  • Celebrate Small Donors

Every dollar matters. Why not draw attention to the donors making a difference without intimidating other potential donors? Sharing these stories of small donors who are “real people” on Facebook or Twitter pages will inspires others interested in your organization to donate as well.

  • YouTube a Thanks

Give a thank you note or a gift bag to donors but record the interaction and share it with your social media followers. The time and effort you put into each video will come across as both genuine and heartfelt.

Donors rarely want or expect recognition when gift giving. However, the additional effort put into a memorable thank you can be a sign of appreciation that your donor will be to sure remember the next time they are asked to donate to your organization.


Kate Huber is currently a junior at the University of Iowa pursuing in degree in Communication Studies, a minor in Human Relations and a certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication. Kate is an avid sports fan, lover of reading and peanut butter enthusiast.




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