A Gender Lens For Giving

By Brittany Stinocher

ATTENTION: Wake Up Call 101

In a world where the female population is 49.6%, studies have found that women are more likely to donate to non-profits and donate more money than men stated The Chronicle Of Philanthropy. 

Based on data, wouldn’t it make sense to focus fundraising efforts on women and why they should donate to your nonprofit organization?

Many non-profits have never toggled with the idea of focusing fundraising efforts towards women. However, recent studies by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute have found that women should be a target audience for non-profits, as women and men give differently.images

Below is a list of reasons why non-profits should consider focusing their fundraising efforts on the female population:

  • Situational
    1. Women, who find that other women similar to them are giving, are more likely to give to a non-profit organization. In one study, results showed that women gave 89% more to charity than men their age.
  • Income
    1. Despite the income level of women globally, women gave more at all income levels; despite that women in general earn less, have less money in retirement, and have a greater life expectancy than men.
  • Attitude or Self Interest
    1. Women tend to be more philanthropic and compassionate than men. Women are categorized as caring and individuals who will focus on the well-being of others who are less fortunate. On the other hand, men tend to donate to organizations that can help them maintain their status.
  • Money Differences
    1. For men, money could represent power or prestige, while women tend to view money as freedom and a way to achieve goals. A 2013 US Trust survey on women and wealth found that women are nearly twice as likely as men to say that giving to charity is the most satisfying aspect of having wealth.
  • Influence
    1. Previous research has shown that women influence household charitable decision-making. If women have the final say in whether or not one is making a donation to a nonprofit organization, focusing efforts on women to make a donation to an organization would be of benefit for attaining maximum profits.

Let this be a wake up call for non-profit organizations. A better understanding of gender’s role in charitable behavior can help organizations engage men and women more effectively in accordance to how they wish to be engaged in non-profits.

Brittany Stinocher is a junior at the University of Iowa who is studying Journalism & Mass Communication and currently working on receiving a certificate in Fundraising & Philanthropy Communication. She is very passionate about the nonprofit world and hopes to someday work for a nonprofit sports organization.


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