6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Organization’s Donation Page

PDW Blog 1.2 photoBy Kara Frost

Ever wonder why your online giving site hasn’t generated as much love as you hoped it would? Here are 6 tips from Network for Good to help your organization’s donation page reach its full potential!

1. Make sure your brand is located somewhere on the donation page.

Say it loud and say it proud! Your organization is here to do some good in the world, so paste your brand name somewhere it can be seen. Branded donation pages have been shown to increase gifts by as much as 30%!

2. Don’t go color crazy.

While you should definitely spruce up a bland donation page, too many colors can also be a big turn off. Keep it simple but still visually appealing with 2-3 colors that match the colors of your logo.

3. Keep the page design consistent and simple.

It’s important that your donors are able to easily navigate your website. Keep similar (if not the same) layouts on each page, and make sure the design of your site is simple enough for your not so tech-savvy donors to access. If you’re going to spend money making the website, take the time to do it well!

4. Pick the right text.

Choose a text that compliments the theme of your organization; don’t be too formal or too playful. Your text should be inviting without being so artsy that it takes away from the substance of your message. Some advice- stay away from generic texts like Times New Roman.

5. ALWAYS include pictures.

This cannot be stressed enough. Photos allow the donor to see the impact their gift is making. Try to stick with photos that show one person rather than groups, it lets the donor imagine their gift helping a real person rather than an organization.

6. Make the donation an experience your donors will enjoy.

Let’s face it, a big reason people donate to a cause is because it makes them feel good; your donation page should reflect that. Incorporating the previous tips will make your donors feel like they’re giving money to a familiar and welcoming place. Get rid of the bland page you’ve been meaning to update. If the page looks like you didn’t put time into it, why should your donors?

I hope these tips are helpful to your organizations, and please feel free to leave a comment about more strategies that have helped your own online donations thrive!


Kara Frost is a senior at the University of Iowa studying Health & Human Physiology and currently working on receiving a certificate in Fundraising & Philanthropy Communication. She is very passionate about the nonprofit world and hopes to someday work for a nonprofit health organization.


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