Instagram Marketing—The Power of a Picture

By Anthony Lehnertz

In a world where newspaper ads and television ads just don’t cut it anymore, it’s a full time job trying to keep up with the hot new social media platforms that seem to be popping up quicker than ever before. Facebook, the once hip way for non-profit companies to connect with young people, was founded just 12 years ago and is now the hot spot for grandparents who want to talk to their friends and thirty-something’s who want to post pictures of their children.

So what’s theinstagram-marketing answer now? Instagram.

Instagram has quickly reached 400 million users since its inception in 2010; in fact, Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 in anticipation of its popularity. Instagram has grown popularity due to its photo-based form of sharing and connecting which allows for efficient information sharing that isn’t bogged down with a bunch of paragraphs.

Are you having issues connecting with Millennials? Are you unsure if your non-profit’s social media profiles are reaching their full potential? An article on Beth’s Blog gives a guide to successful Instagram marketing.

Here are some simple steps to get your Instagram page from simply being social page to being a core aspect of your marketing plan:

Proper Instagram Account Setup

Three simple checkpoints that will ensure followers that your company Instagram profile appears well managed and professional:

       (1) Create a profile picture that is an iconic representation of your company, usually something as simple and clear as your company logo.

       (2) Write a clear and concise bio that explains your brand and why your Instagram profile is worth following.

       (3) Be sure to include a link to your company website at the bottom of your bio so interested followers can easily find you.


Marketing Effectively on Instagram

Although having interesting posts is crucial, it is important to always remember that posts need to remain brand centric. Interesting ways to capture the attention of followers while remaining brand centric include tactics such as:

  • Reactive Storytelling: in which you create a meme or use some other pop culture based reference that will allows Millennials to relate to your brand.
  • Behind the Scenes Content: which allows for transparency by allowing customers to see how you make products or get things done. This tactic makes your organization appear more trustworthy and authentic.
  • Inspirational Quotes: these posts can spark emotions for followers, which often results in likes, shares or comments.


Taking Your Instagram to the Next Level

The first goal of Instagram marketing is to get your target market to follow your page and view your posts; however, the most effective Instagram profiles also call their followers to action. Involving your followers by enticing them to like, share or comment on your posts will make your page even more memorable.

The exponential growth of social media today allows for many new and exciting forms of marketing to target audiences. These steps will prepare your non-profit’s Instagram profile for success, but with the information overload for consumers today, it is important to continue creating unique and compelling content for your followers.


Anthony Lehnertz is a senior at the University of Iowa studying Finance and Spanish while pursuing a certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication. He continues to learn about the importance of philanthropy in higher education while interning at the University of Iowa Foundation.



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