Remember Mobility–The Rise of Mobile Usage

By Katie Reynolds

Walk around any town from New York City to the small town of Clinton, Iowa. What you will see is not tall skyscrapers, crowds of people, or vast farmlands–but you will see a lot of your phone screen. Particularily in the case of the millennial generation, we are all glued to our 2 by 3 inch rectangles of digital charges. We travel places and look at more scenery through the lens of our Instagram than through our eyes.

Why would we in the non-profit sector not utilize this phenomenon? Is your organization’s website mobile-friendly? An article on Beth’s Blog discusses this topic.

Here are some practical steps to effectively grabbing the horns of this mobile monster.

Know your Analytics
Google Stats allows you to gain a comprehensive idea of your audience and the way they utilize your website, particularily your mobile website. Taking hold of this resource allows one to see the number of people that leave or stay on your site when using a mobile device.

Invest in Excellence
With mobile being such a vital aspect of maintaining an internet presence, it well worth your time and money to invest in the making of an exceptional mobile capability. What you put into the curating of your mobile site is what you will get out of it–and what you get out of it is directly correlated to what you will get out of the visitors of your site. A large chunk of online interactions are now made on mobile. If you can utilize creative design to keep people occupied on your website, you have a better chance of gaining their support–perhaps in loyalty or in donation form.

Pay Attention to your Donation Page
Speaking of donations, one should pay special attention to the mobile design of your organization’s donation page. Because at the end of the day, what is it that keeps us able to make the change we believe in…? Support and donations! With the popularity of access to websites via mobile, more and more supporters are likely to make quick donations from their phone.

Katie Reynolds is a Junior at the University of Iowa studying a major in Journalism and Mass Communications and a certificate in Entrepreneurial Arts Management, as well as a minor in International Studies. She works diligently at SCOPE Productions as the Assistant General Manager.


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