Posted in May 2015

Branding Your Nonprofit

Branding used to be a thing that many nonprofits were quick to shy away from, afraid they would be categorized with their for-profit counterparts. However, modern times are calling for more and more branding when it comes to nonprofits. Nonprofits that are most recognized by their brands are everywhere; World Wildlife Fund and Habitat for … Continue reading

Facebook Fundraising: Don’t Fall for It

As an article in The Philanthropy News Digest has stated, the International Medica Corps raised $10 million for Nepal disaster relief efforts in two days by use of a “DONATE NOW” button that was placed on top of Facebook pages after the earthquake. As a nonprofit you might take a loot at these numbers and … Continue reading

Why Branding Your Organization is Key

An article published by the Philanthropy News Digest discussed the importance of branding in the non-profit world–something that was previously reserved mainly for for-profit businesses. Matt Schwartz, founder and director of strategy for MSDS, a design and brand strategy firm in New York, gave his advice for branding your non-profit, and why it’s so important. Schwartz says … Continue reading

Giving the Gift of Philanthropy

Everyone loves a good party. We find ways to celebrate every major occasion in our lives. From birthdays, to weddings, to housewarmings, if there is a reason to party, people will come. And, as anyone who has gone to a party knows, there can be a lot of pressure to make sure you bring the right gift … Continue reading