Linking in to LinkedIn for Nonprofits

For those of you getting bored with Facebook or just looking to expand your social media presence,

LinkedIn LogoTake a look at LinkedIn.

Pew Research Center’s data shows that LinkedIn is the second highest rated social media as far as users go, surpassed only by Facebook.

Further data from Business Insider also shows that their demographics include a high number of users with college of higher education basis, which loosely translates to higher incomes.

Why wouldn’t you want to be on LinkedIn? Maybe because it is more of a “professional network” than a “social network?”  Or maybe it is because you don’t know why your nonprofit should be on it?

Here is why your nonprofit should be Linking in to LinkedIn’s network:

1. Your donors are on LinkedIn

2. Your volunteers are on LinkedIn

3. Your partners are on LinkedIn

If that’s not enough for you, take into consideration the different features that LinkedIn offers for communication: groups, messaging capabilities, status updates, and blog posts. There is a number of different ways to not only connect with your audience, but communicate with them.

Take advantage:

1. Start your own group

2. Join other groups

3. Answer questions and participate in conversation about your organization or your field

4. Post volunteer and board opportunities

The uses for LinkedIn are endless, you just have to start the journey, and the rest comes easily.

For help developing a nonprofit site on LinkedIn, visit their resources page.

About the author: Shelby is a senior pursuing majors in Journalism and Mass Communications and Communication Studies and a certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy. She is active in the University of Iowa’s Public Relations Student Society of America and hopes to work in the public relations or consulting fields after college.


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